Getting started

You can start by creating a free account.

Once successfully registered, log on and create or select the default app.

You now have an app token that you can use to stream your first API.

Try with cURL

You can use a mock API that responds with randomly generated data.

Run the following cURL command in your preferred terminal. Replace {{YOUR_APP_TOKEN}} with its corresponding value.

$ curl -v "{{YOUR_APP_TOKEN}}"

Try with a browser

You can also try from a browser that supports SSE.

If your browser does not support SSE, see JS SDK which provides a polyfill.

Try with your own API

You can try to stream your own API. No development is required.  Run the following cURL command. Replace {{Target-API}} with the URL of your JSON API (i.e.

$ curl "{{Target-API}}"

Integrate Streams into your client app

See our Github page for integration samples for different UI frameworks and languages.

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