About Streams

Axway AMPLIFY Streams augments your application programming interface (API) infrastructure with an event-driven layer for publishing data from your APIs. This is possible by making the APIs available as real-time streams of events that can be consumed by web, mobile or other applications as well as servers. Go beyond the traditional request-response paradigm and its limitations. AMPLIFY Streams uses server-sent events (SSE) and JSON Patch to push only new data to subscribed clients.

The table lists some features of Streams.

Feature Description
Push Updates are pushed to the client using SSE. By providing fallback mechanisms, AMPLIFY Streams also works with older browsers.
Incremental updates Replacing polling by pushing is not enough to minimize data consumption. That’s why AMPLIFY Streams only pushes the portion of data that has changed.
API cache To reduce server load and latency, AMPLIFY Streams has a cache mechanism to broadcast events to all clients subscribed to the same topic.

See getting started to learn more.

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