This is a glossary of terms for Axway Sentinel.

  • A task that monitors the values of a data field in a report and notifies you if the thresholds you specifed are reached.
  • D
  • A datasource created from one or more database tables designed to be the basis for reports, metrics and alerts.
  • E
  • An object related to Web Dashboard that represents an organizational element. It allows for personalizing fields and managing object access rights.
  • F
  • Allows only data that meets criteria you define to be used in, for example, a report for a Web Dashboard.
  • M
  • A control used to monitor the value representing the status or result of a process. In a dashboard, a metric is typically shown as a counter.
  • P
  • A field (typically belonging to a data connection or data set) whose value is variable and is determined when the user logs in based on the user's identity or the entity to which the user belongs.
  • R
  • Information gathered and organized for the purpose of serving as the basis for a Web Dashboard.
  • S
  • A database schema consisting of a "measurement" table and "dimension" tables. The measurement table is related to each of the dimension tables through JOINs.
  • T

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