Sentinel accessibility

Axway strives to create accessible products and documentation for users. The following describes the accessibility features of Sentinel and its documentation. Accessibility in Sentinel is understood as the design of Sentinel and its services for people with disabilities and is standardized by United States government Section 508 requirements and by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Version 2.0.

Sentinel accessibility strategy

For Sentinel, a pragmatic accessibility approach is used, with immediate benefit for users with disabilities. The strategy identifies and focuses on the following:

  • Correct personas
  • Key use cases

Sentinel personas can fall within three categories:

  • Administrators: users who install, operate, configure and maintain Sentinel.
  • Developers: users who provide content, for example who create reports and dashboards.
  • End Users: users who work with reports and dashboards created by developers.

Users matching the End User persona outnumber other users in Sentinel; therefore, they are the main target of accessibility in Sentinel. The only strategic application destined for End Users is Sentinel Web Dashboard.

Accessibility categories

Sentinel accessibility focuses on the following accessibility categories:

  • Visual perception (browser zoom, Windows Magnifier, High Contrast themes)
  • Keyboard-only usage
  • Screen reader

In our effort to be as accessible as possible, we assure that users with disabilities can successfully perform their day-to-day activities.

Accessibility prerequisites

For maximum use of Sentinel accessibility, we recommend using Internet Explorer 11 and JAWS screen reader (version 15).

Screen reader support

Sentinel supports JAWS (Job Access With Speech), a computer screen reader program for Microsoft Windows that enables blind and visually impaired users to read the screen with a text-to-speech output or by a refreshable Braille display. However, you must configure your screen reader before using JAWS.

You interact with JAWS using keyboard shortcuts. Typically, you press the JAWS key in combination with other keys. By default, the JAWS key is the Insert key.

To use the arrow keys and keyboard shortcuts with Sentinel, turn off the virtual PC cursor by pressing the JAWS key+Z.

Documentation accessibility

The product documentation provides the following accessibility features:

  • Screen reader support
  • Support for high contrast and accessible use of colors

Screen reader support

  • Alternative text is provided for images whenever necessary.
  • The PDF documents are tagged to provide a logical reading order.

Support for high contrast and accessible use of colors

  • The documentation can be used in high-contrast mode.
  • There is sufficient contrast between the text and the background color.

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