Add templates and blocks

A Sentinel Web Dashboard consists of pages called templates. Templates are made up of blocks. Blocks can contain the following objects: Report, Control, Control panel, Metric, Metric panel, Strategy map, External session, Text session.

To add a template or block, you need to be in Dashboard design > Dashboard under the Design tab.

  1. Select the Add Template button icon to add template, white square with red outline with yellow plus sign in right corner.
  2. Select a template layout from the pop up and click OK.
  3. The layout is applied to the template and is displayed. Each box in the layout represents a block.
  4. Select one of the blocks.
  5. A pop up dialog displays to allow you to configure the entire template and the block you clicked to open the dialog box.

  6. screen Web Dashboard Templates
  7. Specify the following template properties:
    • Description
    • Width
    • Height
    • Background image - Must be an image file located in the user's Theme, which is accessible from the Look and feel section of the main menu.
  8. Specify the following block properties:
  9. Property Description
    Block's header display Choose from the following:
    • Visible – the title is displayed.
    • Mouse Over – the title is displayed when the mouse hovers the block's header.
    • Hidden – the title is not displayed.
    • Hidden with context menu – The title is not displayed but the context menu is available.

    Block type

    Choose the kind of data you want to display in this block from this list:

    • Report
    • Control
    • Control panel
    • Metric
    • Metric panel
    • Strategic map
    • External component
    • Text
    • Form
    Block document The name of the document to be displayed in this block.
    Dynamic link target block Choose the target block of the dynamic link. This option is only useful with links that open reports; therfore, when you select the link, you can specify the block the report will be opened. If the dynamic link is defined to open a dashboard, the Dynamic link target block option has no effect.
    Top/Left Specify the position of the block on the dashboard.

    Specify the size of the block.

    Auto-refresh Specify how often the dashboard should be refreshed. The auto-refresh setting is only available if the Refresh delay option was enabled on the Description tab.

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