Add dashboard filters

You can apply filters to help control the data displayed in your dashboard. To add a filter, you need to be in Dashboard design > Dashboard under the Design tab.

  1. Select the Add Filter icon report filter two small right arrowsbutton. The Filters screen displays.
  2. Select Add a filter.
  3. Select the Add button icon green plus sign. Additional fields display to allow you to create the filter.
  4. In the Edit a field section, enter values for the following fields:
  5. Field Description
    Filter driven by

    Specifies the report that sets the filter's selection list.

    Name A unique identifier for the filter.
    Description A label used to identify your filter throughout the GUI. The description can be internationalized (translated into the language defined for each user) using Internationalization tab.

    This field is just for information purposes and it displays the prompt chosen at the report level. If you need a different prompt value, you will need to change it in the report.

    Required Specifies whether the filter must be used for the dashboard.
    Use Filter Activates the filter by default.
    Default value Specify a default value for the filter. This value will be used for the filter on execution.
  6. In the Linked report fields section, enter values in the following fields:
  7. Field Description
    Filter mapped on Choose the block in which to apply your filter.
  8. Select Add button to add the report/field combination to add to the current filter.
  9. Repeat steps to add more report/field combinations to the filter.
  10. Select OK.

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