Publicly accessible Web Dashboard objects

In Sentinel Web Dashboard, you can access different types of objects (for example, reports or dashboards) without authentication. Of course, for security reasons, the access level offered is minimal, you are basically granted only visualization rights.

Public objects can be accessed with the following url: SentinelWebDashboard/public/webdashboard/<doctype>/<docname>


  • <docname> is the name of the object
  • <doctype> is the type of the object

Use values from the table below when specifying a doctype.

doctype value Object type
report Report document
dashboard Dashboard document
external External session

To make a document publicly available, associate it with the predefined entity object Public and the predefined workspace Public. By default, Public workspace is empty.

See User access managment for information about entities and workspaces.

Once you've accessed a public object in a browser, you are considered logged into Web Dashboard with a generic user called webdashboard, with no option of switching to another user or logging out.

Note   As long as the generic user's session is still valid, you cannot be logged into Web Dashboard with a different user in that same instance of the browser. This means that, for logging into Web Dashboard with a regular user after having accessed public documents, you need first to empty the browser's cache.

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