Languages in Web Dashboard

Use the Language item in Web Dashboard to activate or deactivate an existing language or to add new languages.

When you activate a language, it becomes available in the Internationalization tab and can be used for translating labels.

When you select the Language item from the Administration folder, a list of the languages supported by Web Dashboard is displayed.

The default language is English. You can change the default by updating the faces-config.xml file located here: <Web server>\webapps\SentinelWebDashboard\WEB-INF>

By default, English and French are activated.

Add a new language

To add a new language, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Administration > Language.
  2. Click the Add button icon green plus sign.
  3. The Description tab is displayed.
  4. Provide values for the following fields:
  5. Field Description
    Name A unique identifier for the language
    Description A label associated with your language to be displayed across the GUI. The description can be internationalized (translated into the language defined for each user) using Internationalization tab.

    The ISO-639-1 code for the language. For example, the code for Romanian is ro.

    This is a mandatory field.

    Date field pattern, Date and time field pattern, Time field pattern The format for the Date, Date and time, and Time.
  6. Select the Active check box to make your language active and available to be used for internationalization.
  7. If you decide not to use a language, deselect the Active check box. The language will no longer be available for internationalization.
  8. Go to the Internationalization tab and add a description in each of the other active languages available on the tab.
  9. Click the Save button toolbar icon save.

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