Deploy Sentinel commands for Web Dashboard

If the definition of the Command objects Composer was used, it is recommended to deploy the objects with Composer. Otherwise, there are two options to deploy a Command object:

  • Option 1: Use the Sentinel REST API. Sentinel server, restart is not necessary. The Sentinel REST API is requires basic use and does not require code development. There are free applications that can be used to consume REST services. For example, Postman for Chrome browser or REST Easy add-on for Firefox. For more details, see the Axway Sentinel API Developer Guide.
  • Option 2: Manually copy the file into Sentinel/broadcast/commit/Command and restart Sentinel.

Activate command execution on Searches

All Command objects deployed in Sentinel are listed in the Search report design view, in the Command tab. By default no Command object is enabled on any Search report. To enable it, select the check box beside the displayed command.

Note   Commands are enabled only on reports of type Search.

Enable and disable commands depending on search results

Use complex criteria for control if a command is enabled or disabled depending on search results. Criteria can be defined in the Search report design view, in the Command tab.

Important The mentioned criteria is for the GUI only and it is not validated on server side. For proper security, the necessary validations must be implemented inside the script or Java class referred in the Command object.

Referring columns in criteria

Refer any field available in the data dictionary and use its name:

  • When the field name contains spaces, the back-quote separator (`) should be used when defining a criteria, for example `My column`.
  • If the columns in a search are formatted (see Column properties > Data format), the values used in the criteria should not be formatted. Otherwise the criteria is not valid.
Tip   For embedding advanced logic in your criteria, consider creating calculated fields. These can be referred to by its name (similar to other fields).

Comparison operators allowed in criteria

The following comparison operators can be used when defining a criteria: =, <, >, <=, >=, <>, IS NULL, IS NOT NULL.

Hierarchical criteria

The following examples describe how to build complex hierarchical criteria by using parentheses for grouping conditions and the operators AND and OR:

Example 1

A criteria enabling commands if the selected row in a search has the string value CFT in the Product Name column, and has one of the three states: CANCELED, INTERRUPTED or SUSPENDED.

`Product Name`='CFT' AND (State='CANCELED' OR State='INTERRUPTED' OR State='SUSPENDED')

Example 2

A criteria that enables commands if the selected row contains numerical value 111 for column ProductId and one of the states (string values): TO_EXECUTE, AVAILABLE, RECEIVING, SENDING, or PRE_PROC.

ProductId=111 AND (State='TO_EXECUTE' OR State='AVAILABLE' OR State='RECEIVING' OR State='SENDING' OR State='PRE_PROC')

Example 3

A criteria enabling commands for rows that have the string value CFT in the Product Name column, the Date column has dates greater than 2000/05/03 and the Id column has a numeric value 111.

`Product Name`='CFT' AND Date>'2000/05/03' AND Id=111

Data types

The following data types should be used:

  • For string and date type values, use delimited single quotes ('). For example: State='In progress' or Date='2014/10/16 17:50:00'.
  • For date values, use the following format: yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss.
  • For numeric values that contain decimals, use the (.) separator. For example: 3.1415926

Access Management

Access to commands in Web Dashboard are managed using:

  • Traditional resources
  • Actions when using PassPort
  • Rights when using Sentinel Administration or custom user exit implementation


  • If granted the privilege on the action EXECUTE_COMMAND on the Sentinel resource Request, users can execute commands on both Sentinel Web Monitoring Requests and Sentinel Web Dashboard Search reports. Conditional privileges are constructed using the resource property name that is matched against Sentinel Web Monitoring Request names and Sentinel Web Dashboard report names.
  • If granted the privilege to execute the action VIEW on the Sentinel resource Command, users can view commands both in Sentinel Web Monitoring and in Sentinel Web Dashboard. Conditional privileges are constructed using the resource property name that is matched against command names.

Sentinel Administration and custom user exit implementation

The right named Execute Commands controls access of users to commands. This corresponds to the following constant in a custom user exit:


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