Execute controls

After configuring your control object, you are ready to send and receive messages.

But firstly, if you choose to send the messages to all users who have access to your control object, add the control to the desired workspace (User management > Workspace > Controls tab). If you choose to send the message to individual users, there is no need to add the control to any workspace.

Create a Message Type

To create a new message type object:

  1. From the Main menu, select Administration > Message type.
  2. Select the Add button icon green plus sign to display the Description tab on the New message type page.
  3. Fill in the Name and Description of the object. The description you provide will be used to identify this object throughout GUI and can be internationalized.
  4. Select your Message Provider, choosing between several email and SMS options.
  5. Depending on the selected message provider, you will have other fields to fill in. For instance, if you chose email, you should provide the following information:
  6. Field Description
    Smtp Host

    The hostname of the SMTP server you want to use to send emails.

    Smtp Port

    The port of the SMTP server you want to use to send emails.

    This field is optional. If a value isn't specified or it is not a valid port number, then the default SMTP port, 25, will be used.

    Note   This field is available starting with Service Pack 10.

    From Address

    The email address of the sender.

    URL The URL to access the application.
    Username and Password

    The credentials used to authenticate to the SMTP server.

    These fields are displayed only if you have chosen a message provider that uses authentication.


    Indicate whether to use SSL when communicating with the SMTP server using authentication. Specify one of the following:

    • 1 – enable SSL
    • 0 – disable SSL
  7. Click the Save icon to save your message type object.

Configure users to receive emails

Depending on the employed access manager, do the following:

  • If users are listed in Web Dashboard, then they must be manually configured. This happens when the access manager is Sentinel Administration or user exit, but also when Passport is used and the property webdashboard.access.management=webdashboard is present in sentinel.properties.
    • From the Main menu, select User management > User. A list of available users displays.
    • Double-click the user you want to configure to receive your emails. The Description tab displays.
    • Go to the bottom of the page and select the check box that corresponds to the message type object you created.
    • In the value field associated with the check box you selected, enter the email address or phone number you want to use for this user.
    • Make sure the Allow messaging access check box is selected.
    • Select the Save icon .
    • Repeat these steps for each that will receive emailed reports.
  • If in Web Dashboard no users are listed under User management, it means that email addresses and phone numbers are automatically retrieved from PassPort and used to send mail or SMS notifications. Note that phone numbers cannot be retrieved for users in case PassPort is retrieving users from LDAP.
    Note   A message type will still be used for sending emails, but it cannot be configured: it will always be the first from the message type list.

Execute the control in Task Manager

In order for the control to get executed according to its scheduling, make sure your Task Manager is started.

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