Accessibility design recommendations for reports and dashboards

Sentinel Web Dashboard does not have out-of-the-box accessibility content for end users; although, Sentinel Web Dashboard provides the option for developers to create accessible content. In this section, we provide recommendations for the Sentinel Web Dashboard developer to create accessible content.

Types of accessible reports

Web Dashboard allows you to create many types of reports; although, only two of the reports can be used to accommodate full accessibility requirements:

  • The table report
  • The searches
Note   All report types can be converted into table reports.

Information displayed in color

For accessibility reasons, when you create table reports, do not display information with color only. It is recommended to use text to transmit specific information. The most straightforward way to do this is to use calculated fields. For details, see Calculated fields


Dashboards in Sentinel Web Dashboard are reports grouped within the same screen. Dashboards themselves are not fully accessible, and their use is not recommended. However, you can group your reports in an accessible way, by organizing them in specific folders.

Create dedicated content

When you design reports and dashboards, it is important to take into consideration the creation of accessible versions of your reports. You can group these reports under specific folders. This makes it easier for your users to identify and use the reports.

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