Field groups

Field groups are categories that help you more easily identify more the columns you want to add when defining a report.

There are four predefined field groups:

  • Attribute
  • Metric
  • Time axis
  • Calculated fields

When you create a data dictionary, each column is automatically associated with one of the filed groups as follows:

  • Attribute for string characters
  • Metric for numeric type of columns
  • Time axis for date and time columns

The field group associated to each column can be modified, including with new field groups that you define. In the next paragraph it is presented how to create new field groups.

At report design level, in the Field selection tab, all the columns related to the data dictionary you have selected, will be grouped by field groups.

The Calculated fields group can be used when defining calculated fields. This way it will be easier to identify which of the columns are calculated and which ones come directly from the data base.

Create field groups

To create field groups:

  1. On the Main menu, click Data management > Field group.
  2. A list of existing field groups displays.
  3. Select the New document button to create a new field group. A new document opens and the Description tab displays. Provide values for the following fields:
  4. Field Description
    Name A unique identifier for the field group object. This field is mandatory.
    Description A user-friendly label for your field group to be displayed across the GUI. See Build a data dictionary and Set up reports. The description can be internationalized (translated into the language defined for each user) using Internationalization tab. This field is mandatory.

    Owning entity. See User access managment. This will impact the access rights for this field group.

    When you assign a field group to a sub-entity, admin users in the root-entity cannot edit data dictionaries or reports of the sub-entity if the data dictionary or report use the new field group.

  5. Click Save.

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