Sentinel Web Dashboard User Guide

Axway Sentinel enables you to monitor your business processes from end-to-end across multiple applications. Sentinel captures events from both Axway and third-party applications and systems, enabling you to track data as it flows through your system, anytime, anywhere, 24 hours per day. In addition, you can trigger data processing by applying business rules you define to respond to events or non-events.

This documentation describes how you can create your Web Dashboards to meet your business needs. The outcome of your Web Dashboard should provide a visual display of the most important information you need to achieve your objectives, including the most important performance to be monitored.

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Web Dashboard concepts

Getting started with Web Dashboards

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Web Dashboard basic setup

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The Sentinel documentation set includes the following documents:

  • Axway Sentinel Installation Guide
  • Explains how to install Sentinel using the Axway Installer and how to upgrade Sentinel to the latest version.
  • Axway Sentinel Configuration Guide
  • Describes how to configure and start up Sentinel.
  • Axway Sentinel Monitoring User Guide
  • Describes how to use and monitor Sentinel.
  • Axway Sentinel Web Dashboard User Guide
  • Describes how to create and use Sentinel Web Dashboards.
  • Axway Sentinel API Developer Guide
  • Describes how to use the Sentinel REST API as an alternative to the already existing Public API.
  • Axway Sentinel Release Notes
  • Provides up-to-date information related to new features included in this release and known limitations.
  • Axway Sentinel Security Guide
  • Provides instructions and recommendations to help you strengthen the security of Axway Sentinel and of the global solution.

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