Beta features

Following our “One Version” release model, some of the features introduced with SecureTransport 5.5 Updates are flagged as Beta ((previously called Technical Preview). Their purpose is to allow you to preview upcoming features and changes to SecureTransport before they are released as General Availability. By releasing Beta features, we aim to shorten the feedback cycle, ease the adoption, and lower the risk when releasing new functionality.

Beta features are still evolving and can be incomplete. During the preview period, we may change the behavior of a Beta feature based on received feedback. Those changes should not be considered regression defects.

Please note that the REST API endpoint definitions of a Beta feature may change, and these endpoints do not comply with the REST API versioning policy for breaking changes while in preview mode.

Beta features:

  • Are labeled as 'Beta' in the documentation, UI and/or REST API. This label will be removed when the feature is released in GA.
  • Are disabled by default and can be enabled via feature toggles or optional parameters.
  • Have undergone extensive regression testing and do not break backward compatibility when turned off. Existing integration points such as xml import and REST API calls will continue working as expected.
  • Have undergone the same security testing and adhere to the same security standards as the GA features in the release.
  • May support only a subset of use cases, have limitations in the scope of the supported use cases, or may not behave as intended in all use cases. Information about the known limitations will be provided on a per-feature basis.
  • Will likely lose their configuration when a new Update is installed.
  • May cause performance degradation when enabled.
  • Beta features must not be used in Production environments. Any use of a Beta feature is at the customer's own risk and will not be covered by the Axway Support policy.

Questions and feedback on Beta features should be sent to

Features currently in Beta

You can explore these Beta features before they're generally available.

Consolidated view of all information about a transfer

Starting in 5.5-20220428 Update, you can configure SecureTransport to display all log records with the same CycleID in a single log entry. Learn more

Zero downtime in active-passive deployment

This feature allows you to keep your ongoing transfers running while you prepare your initially active cluster for upgrades or maintenance. Learn more

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