Configure holiday schedule

You can specify holiday dates for the SecureTransport system and use them later when creating scheduled transfers or tasks. Having set up official holiday dates, you can take one of the following actions when creating a scheduled task or transfer:

  • Ignore the holiday schedule – this is the default option
  • Take no action if the scheduled date happens to be a holiday specified in the holiday schedule

Keep the following items in mind when listing holiday dates:

  • The list of holidays applies to all users on the server – it is not dependent on the time zones of users. The dates specified as scheduled are interpreted in local time by the server.
  • The Holiday Schedule functionality does not allow for executing a scheduled task on the next working day if the specified date happens to be a holiday – when this occurs, the tasks are not executed.
  • Weekend days are treated as holidays by default.

For information about creating scheduled transfers, see Scheduled downloads and tasks and Set up a scheduled transfer task for a subscription.

  1. Click Setup > Holiday Schedule.
  2. The Holiday Schedule page is displayed.
  3. Enter one or more holiday dates in the Holiday Schedule field.
  4. Use the MM/dd/yyyy date format. If you enter more than one date, separate them with commas.
  5. Click Update.
  6. The configured Holiday Schedule applies to all users of the SecureTransport server and is applicable for all accounts and transfers.

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