File archiving global configuration

The global file archiving configuration provides the inheritable file archiving configuration for users accounts and business units. For additional information on the inheritance of the file archiving configuration, refer to File archiving

To enable and configure the global file archiving configuration:

  1. Navigate to Setup > File Archiving.
  2. The File Archiving page is displayed.
  3. Select Enable File Archiving.
  4. The additional field and menus on the File Archiving page become active.
  5. In the File Archiving Settings pane:
    1. (Optional) Determine the default Global archiving policy to be applied by selecting either Enabled or Disabled. The default is Disabled. The policy configured here can be overridden at Business Unit or Account level.
    2. Complete the Archive folder field by entering the absolute path to the global archive folder. The folder location can be overridden at Business Unit level.
    3. (Optional) Determine whether or not to encrypt the global archive folder by selecting Do not encrypt or which configured certificate to use for encryption from the Encryption Certificate menu. The default is Do not encrypt. The chosen certificate can be overridden at Business Unit level. The encryption certificate must be a local x.509 certificate. For information on adding local certificates, refer to Manage local certificates and certificate signing requests.
    4. Note When you delete or overwrite a certificate which previously was used for encryption, all files encrypted with this certificate will be useless and can't be restored.
      NoteWhen changing the encryption certificate, the Transaction Manager should be restarted in order for the changes to be applied.
    5. Set the options for Delete files older than field. You can specify days or hours and any number equal to or greater than 1. Files older than the configured period will be deleted by the maintenance job (if enabled).
    6. Set the Maximum file size allowed to archive in Kilobytes. If the file is bigger or equal than the file size limit, it will not be archived. Empty or zero value means that no file size limit applies.
  6. Click Save.
Note You must also configure maintenance job schedule for the Archive Maintenance application instance. For information on configuring the Archive Maintenance application instance, refer to Archive Maintenance application.
Note If you disable the File Archiving after being enabled and saved, the fields will stay populated with the old values, so if you enable it again you do not need to enter anything. If a certificate is selected, you cannot delete or overwrite it, even if file archiving is enabled or disabled. If you want to delete or overwrite it, you have to change the certificate option on the File Archiving page to another certificate or to Do not encrypt.

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