Compare audit log entries

Use the following procedure to compare audit log entries.

  1. From the menu in the Time column, select Compare with or Compare with previous.
  2. If you selected Compare with, SecureTransport displays a Compare with Another Entry window.
  3. If previous audit log entries are listed, select one and click OK.
  4. If you selected Compare with previous and there is a previous audit log entry for that object, the result is the same as selecting the previous entry in the Compare with Another Entry window.
  5. If there is no previous audit log entry for the object, SecureTransport displays a message.
  6. SecureTransport opens an Audit Log Entry Comparison window.
  7. The Audit Log Entry Comparison window lists all attributes and values of the object with one column for each audit log entry. Timestamps in the column headers identify the entries. The older entry is on the left. A colored background indicates attributes with different values.

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