Transfer statuses

The transfer status is represented by an icon. The following table shows each icon and its meaning:

Icon Status Protocols

MDN receipt MDN Receipt – Click to view or verify the MDN receipt for the transfer or to view the PeSIT acknowledgment for the transfer. All
Processed successfully Processed/Successful – The file was transferred successfully. All
In progress In progress – The file is currently being transferred. All
Paused Paused – The remote server has paused the PeSIT transfer. PeSIT

Failed – The file transfer failed for some reason. Transfers intentionally aborted by file transfer clients and end users are included in this category.

The File Tracking page provides additional information to help distinguish transfers intentionally aborted from those that failed for other reasons.

Failed subtransmission Failed Subtransmission – The file transfer was successful, but one or more Subtransmission actions requested failed for some reason. Subtransmission actions include post-transmission actions and data transformations such as encryption or decryption. All

Click each transfer status icon to view detailed status information about the file transfer.

The padlock icon is displayed for transfers performed over a secure connection, such as FTPS, HTTPS, or SSH.

Note If a file is renamed immediately after a file transfer, the MDN receipt creation and verification may fail.

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