Configure MS SQL Server

SecureTransport in Microsoft Azure has been verified with database Microsoft SQL Server 2016 installed on a Windows Virtual machine placed in the second private subnet in a Virtual Network.

Follow these steps to set up a Microsoft SQL Server on a Windows VM instance:

  1. Follow the steps for launching a VM instance with the following specifics:
    1. Select Windows Server 2016 for image.
    2. Select an appropriate size - for example SecureTransport with D4_V3 Standard size for VM instance.
    3. Configure Instance Settings-> Subnet.
    4. Choose the second private subnet in your VNet.
    5. Configure Instance Settings -> Public IP address:
    6. Configure Instance Settings -> Network security group.
    7. Assign the Windows VM to the previously created Database Network security group as described in Network Security Groups
  2. Install Microsoft SQL Server on the Windows instance.
  3. Set up the database as described in Database requirements in SecureTransport 5.4 Installation Guide.

Note: For a more fault-tolerant setup, you can launch two Windows Servers in a Database Availability Set and configure a Microsoft SQL Cluster.

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