Configure a Point-to-Site connection to your VNet

A Point-to-Site (P2S) configuration allows you to create a secure connection from a client computer to your virtual network. So, you need a P2S SSTP tunnel for a client to connect to your VM.

On the Azure portal, open your newly created VM and follow the process as defined in the detailed documentation as provided by Microsoft.

First-timers must go through all steps as defined in the Microsoft documentation:

  1. Create a virtual network.
  2. Specify address space and subnets.
  3. Add a gateway subnet.
  4. Specify a DNS server (optional).
  5. Create a virtual network gateway.
  6. Generate certificates:
    • Obtain the .cer file for the root certificate: generate a network-side certificate and paste the public part in the Gateway >P2S configuration.
    • Generate a client certificate.
  7. Add the client address pool.
  8. Upload the root certificate .cer
  9. Install the VPN client configuration package.
    • Download the client configuration package: for example, VPN client (e.g. x64).
    • Install the client configuration package.
  10. Install the client certificate - generate a client certificate for secure connection to VPN.
  11. Connect to Azure - verify that you can connect to your VM using its private IP address.
  12. Verify your connection.

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