Get to know ST Web Client

ST Web Client allows you to safely exchange files with Axway SecureTransport. You can use the ST Web Client to manage:

  • Preferences and passwords
  • File and folders
  • Uploads
  • Mailbox
  • Email

Refer to the following topics for additional information on how to use ST Web Client:

How to navigate in ST Web Client

ST Web Client user interface has two major views: Your Files and Mailbox. Both views are organized into left and right panels.

  Left Panel: NAVIGATION Right Panel: DISPLAY Toolbar
Your Files Pane Organize folders and select the content that displays on the right panel. View details of files and folders.

Allows you to upload, share, and select actions including: Create Folder , Refresh, Download, Move, Rename, View Details, and Delete. Additionally, you can change your view. See Toggle your view.

Mailbox Pane Organize/create folders and select the type of message that displays on the right panel (Inbox, Sent, Drafts) Used to view messages. Allows you to compose messages and perform actions including: Reply, Reply all, Forward, Refresh, Move to, View details, and Delete.

Your files pane view

Users can organize, manage and view details for files and folders.

Example Your files UI

Mailbox pane view

Users can organize, compose and view messages and perform various actions.

ST Web Client Mailbox UI example

Welcome menu

Additionally, you have access to tools to manage your user profile through the Welcome menu on the menu bar.

Welcome menu

Note The display of the account ID in the ST Web Client Welcome menu is a configurable parameter that can be disabled (enabled by default). When disabled, the account ID is not displayed in the user interface.

Use the following options from the Welcome drop-down menu to assist with your user experience and information:

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