Sign in with your password

Note This functionality does not apply to SSO users.

To sign in to ST Web Client:

  1. Open a supported browser.
  2. Enter the connection URL and press enter. The Sign in page is displayed.
  3. Use the following URL format: protocol://hostname:port
  4. where protocol is HTTP or HTTPS, hostname is the host name or IP address of the SecureTransport system, and port is the server port.
  5. For example:
  6. ST Web Client - Login
  7. Obtain your User ID and Password from your system administrator. If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot your password?.
    Note: Some features and screens depend on server settings and may not be available. For further information, contact your administrator.
  8. Enter your User ID and Password and click Sign in. Your ST Web Client session is started.

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