Axway strives to create accessible documentation for users. The following describes the accessibility features of SecureTransport documentation.

Documentation accessibility

The product documentation provides the following accessibility features:

The accessibility of the documentation has been tested with JAWS.

Keyboard-only navigation

  • The documentation source code contains ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) to improve the natural tab order and add focus where needed.
  • ARIA landmarks are used to identify the main elements of the online help windows.

Screen reader support

  • The documentation structure is clear and the source code of the online help can be interpreted by JAWS.
  • Alternative text is provided for images whenever necessary.
  • The PDF documents are tagged to provide a logical reading order.

Support for high contrast and accessible use of colors

  • The documentation can be used in high-contrast mode.
  • There is sufficient contrast between the text and the background color.
  • The graphics have the right level of contrast and take into account the way color-blind people perceive colors.

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