Create test account

The first task to test the SecureTransport installation and initial configuration is to create a test user account.

  1. Log into the Administration Tool as an administrator.
  2. Select Accounts > User Accounts.
  3. Click New Account.
  4. The New User Account page is displayed. The New User Account page shown is from a SecureTransport instance running on Windows. The Real Users field is the UID field for a SecureTransport instance running on UNIX.
  5. Enter or select the following information.
  6. Configurable item Enter or select
    Account Name: Test
    Email Contact:
    Phone Contact: [blank]
    Account Type: Unspecified
    Business Unit: No Business Unit
    HTML Template: ST Web Client
    Routing Mode: Reject
    Encrypt Mode: Unspecified
    File archiving policy Default
    Real User (Windows): [blank]
    UID (UNIX): 6000
    GID: 7000
    Current Home:  
    Change Home To*:


    Change Home To* (UNIX): /home/users/Test
    Home Folder Access Level: Private
    Notes: [blank]
    Adhoc Settings  
    Delivery Method: Default
    Login Settings: [checked]
    Login Name: Test
    Allow this account to login by email [unchecked]
    Allow this account to submit transfers using the Transfers RESTful API [unchecked]
    Password is stored locally (not in external directory) [checked]
    New Password*: axway
    Re-enter Password*: axway
    Require user to change password on next login


    Require user to set new secret question on next login [unchecked]
    Password Settings:  
    Require user to change password every ___ days [blank]
    Lock account after ___ failed login attempts [blank]
    Lock account after ___ successful logins [blank]
    Additional Attributes  
    Add Attribute  
    Attribute userVars.1
  7. Click Save.
  8. The User Account: Test page is displayed.
  9. Click Close.
  10. Observe that the Test user account was added to the User Accounts page.

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