Setup steps

Before executing the setup steps, log into the Setup Administrator account. The Setup Administrator account is used for the initial, one-time configuration of the system.

There are seven steps involved in configuring SecureTransport for initial use. Complete the steps in the order listed to prevent conflicts.

  1. Install Licenses – Install the core and feature licenses. This is the only step you perform on the second and subsequent servers in an Enterprise Cluster.
  2. Keystore Password – Replace the default keystore password with one you create.
  3. Generate CA – Regenerate the Internal CA used to sign other certificates.
  4. Alternately, you can import a CA certificate.
  5. Generate Certificates – Generate certificates for each protocol server you are using, FTP, HTTP, etc.
  6. You can import server certificates. The certificates can be signed by any trusted authority.
  7. Database Settings - Select the internal database port and configure the internal database password or setup an external database.
  8. Set Up Servers– Set up the HTTP, FTP, SSH, and AS2 protocol servers, the Transaction Manager (TM) server, and the Database server.
  9. The SecureTransport Edge server also supports a proxy (SOCKS) setup.
  10. Exchange Certificates – Export and import CAs from SecureTransport Servers and SecureTransport Edge servers.

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