Start and configure additional servers

The following topics provide how-to instructions for starting the Transaction Manager and Monitor servers and for configuring the Proxy Server.

Start the Transaction Manager server on SecureTransport Server

The Transaction Manager (TM) server runs on the SecureTransport Server.

  • Click Start.

Start the Monitor server

The Monitor server checks that the SecureTransport services are running and restarts them if they terminate. However, the Monitor server does not restart a service if a dependent service is not running. The Monitor server can run on SecureTransport Server or SecureTransport Edge.

  • Click Start.

For more information, refer to the SecureTransport Administrator's Guide.

Configure the Proxy Server on SecureTransport Edge

On the SecureTransport Edge, specify the port for the SecureTransport proxy server. The proxy port is used by SecureTransport Server to handle outgoing connections passed through a SecureTransport Edge.

  1. Enter a port number to assign for a Proxy Port.
  2. Click Start.

For the remaining proxy configuration on the SecureTransport Server and the SecureTransport Edge, refer to the SecureTransport Administrator's Guide.

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