Generate certificates

You are now ready to generate the server certificates that SecureTransport uses. Select Configure > 4-Generate Certs to generate local, self-issued server certificates. Generated certificates are assigned RSA keys.

Note When you log in to the Administration Tool using the admin account, you can access this page by selecting Setup > Certificates > Local Certificates. To import a certificate, refer to the SecureTransport Administrator's Guide.

SecureTransport can use certificates for multiple purposes. For example, the FTPD certificate is commonly used for securing FTPS connections. Separate certificates and aliases can be used for each protocol. The httpd certificate is commonly signed by a public CA so that external users, especially those using a web browser to access the system, will trust the certificate. The other certificates are either internal to the product or only used by the Administrators; they can be signed by the internal CA. A temporary admind certificate is generated as part of the installation process so you can log in for initial setup.

Note Third-party certificates do not work for the SSH daemon.

To use a certificate signed by an external CA, refer to the SecureTransport Administrator's Guide for information about the Import function.

The following topic provides instructions for generating certificates:

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