Exchange CA certificates

This step pertains only to a two-tier architecture, where both a SecureTransport Edge and SecureTransport Server are being configured.

In a two-tier deployment, the SecureTransport Edge and SecureTransport Server authenticate each other through the use of certificates. These certificates have already been created and specified in previous steps. In this step, a trust relationship between the two servers must be set up. This setup involves exchanging certificates between SecureTransport Edge and SecureTransport Server.

To complete this step, you must be able to access both the SecureTransport Server and SecureTransport Edge Administration Tool. Use a separate browser window to open each Administration Tool.

Note When you log in to the Administration Tool using the admin account, you can access this page by selecting Setup > Certificates > Trusted CAs.

The following topics provide how-to instructions for importing and exporting SecureTransport Server and Edge CAs:

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