Configure the ServerTransferNotify rules package

The ServerTransferNotify package rule, when enabled, handles only cases where the transfer fails after it is started. The ServerTransferNotify rules package ships with one rule, also named ServerTransferNotify. This rule is configured to send an email if the server initiated upload or download operation exhausts the last retry or encounters a permanent failure.

If the SecureTransport administrator needs a way to handle all cases like wrong login credentials and both permanent and temporary failures, the following modifications can to be done:

  1. Select Setup > TM Settings to display the TM Settings page.
  2. Locate and disable the ServerTransferNotify rule package by selecting it and clicking Disable.
  3. Locate the FTPTransfer rule package, select it, and click Export to export the package to modify it.
  4. Using an external XML editor, modify the FTPTransfer rule package to include the following:
  5. IF ( ( EventType <equal> Server Transfer - Pull OR EventType <equal> Server Transfer - Push ) AND DXAGENT_SITE_PROTOCOL <equal> ftp ) THEN { id=1 streaming(none)

    In-process> ( Impersonation="true" ) id=2 executeafter(1) streaming(none)

    In-process> ( Impersonation="true", dontretry="0 1 2 4 5", internalretry="6" ) id=3 executeafter(2) streaming(none)

    In-process> ( continue="2 3 4 5" ) id=4 executeafter(3) streaming(none)

    In-process> ( messagetemplate:-PushDeliveryFailure.xhtml, mailserver=<mailserver>, mailfrom=<sender_email>, mailto=<recipient_email> ) }

  6. Save the modified FTPTransfer rule package.
  7. Import the modified FTPTransfer rule package into the TM Settings page by clicking Import.
  8. Browse to the select the modified FTPTransfer rule package.
  9. Select Overwrite existing.
  10. Click Import.
  11. Select the modified FTPTransfer rule package, and click Enable.

This procedure can be repeated on the HttpTransfer, PesitTransfer, and SSHTransfer rule packages.

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