Performance issues

When SecureTransport performance is reduced from previous levels or is not consistent your expectations, use the checklist below to troubleshoot the issue and determine if performance can be improved. Make sure you check each item in the order listed.

  1. Evaluate performance issues – Investigate factors that might result in reduced performance.
  2. DNS Settings – Verify that the DNS settings for the servers are correct by using nslookup in Windows or UNIX-based systems.
  3. Firewall Settings – Verify that the firewall is configured properly for SecureTransport and that no other application is also experiencing a firewall problem.
  4. System Resources – Look at the memory and CPU usage for any other services running on the same computer.
  5. Installation Drive – To avoid performance problems, always install SecureTransport on a local disk drive.
  6. Log Level – Check the log level.

The following topics provide how-to procedures for evaluating and troubleshooting performance issues:

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