Cannot log in as a client

If you attempt to login to SecureTransport and the login fails despite using a correct user name and password, try the following topics to troubleshoot the problem. Make sure that you check each item in the order listed.

  1. License Issues – Verify that the required licenses are installed and current.
  2. Connection to Server – Verify that the client system can communicate with the server and that no other client is experiencing a problem.
  3. Authentication – Check the LDAP or SiteMinder settings.
  4. LDAP – Verify that the LDAP configuration is set correctly.
  5. Unable to use file system commands such as ls – make sure that you have plenty of hard drive space available.
  6. Unable to log in to SecureTransport Edge, but can log in to SecureTransport Server – Make sure that the certificates for Edge and Server match.
  7. Client certificate authentication fails – Make sure that you do not have two Root CA certificates in the "Trusted Certificates" keystore with an identical DN specified.
  8. Logged in to client with reduced functionality – Make sure that you are using the required browser and that the required features are installed and enabled.
  9. Session terminates due to CSRF protection – Add the client to the white list.

The following topics provide procedures for troubleshooting client log in problems:

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