Certificates to generate during initial setup

For SecureTransport Edge and SecureTransport Server installations, generate an admind SSL server certificate for users connecting to the Administration Tool. This certificate may be signed by the internal SecureTransport CA.

Note If this certificate or any of the CA certificates in its certification paths (certificate chains) are expired or otherwise not valid, the Administration Tool server does not start.

To use repository encryption or MDN receipts, generate a repository encryption certificate or an mdn certificate, respectively. For information about the repository encryption certificate, see Repository encryption certificate.

To be able to enable FTPS, HTTPS, AS2 using SSL, SFTP, SCP, or PeSIT over a secured socket, generate the required certificates.

When you set up FTPS, HTTPS, AS2 (SSL), SSH, PeSIT, or SecureTransport Edge communication with the Transaction Manager on the SecureTransport Server, you select a key alias to specify the certificate to use to secure the communications. You created the alias when you generated the certificate. For a list of certificates commonly used with SecureTransport, refer to the SecureTransport Getting Started Guide.

Note For more information about the post-installation setup process, refer to the SecureTransport Getting Started Guide.

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