FTP server limitations

The FTP server has the following limitations:

FTP APPE command

SecureTransport handles the FTP APPE command differently than it is typically handled. Typically, the APPE command appends uploaded content to an existing file of the same name.

FTP COMB command

SecureTransport supports the COMB command only for the CuteFTP client. The CuteFTP client separates the file into chunks and uploads them as temporary files on the FTP server. Once CuteFTP uploads all the file chunks on the FTP server, it sends the COMB command to combine them. By default, file names are generated by the CuteFTP client to match the pattern: \d.tmp where \d is a decimal number. However, the first file chunk name is the original file name.

Note The COMB command cannot be combined with post-transmission actions, repository encryption, or PGP data transformations.
Because SecureTransport releases the FTP command channel after successfully uploading the multiple file chunks, using the COMB command does not provide a guaranteed file transfer. If there is no space left in the upload directory or if errors exist during the process of combining the file chunks, the transfer fails, but no errors are sent to the client.

FTP client configuration

If FTP clients with default settings use SmartFTP and IglooFTP, when users connect to a server, they are unable to view remote files and folders. Some settings for LIST arguments need to be configured manually. The Resolve Links [-L] argument must be removed for both clients, but leave the show all file [-a] argument.


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