Server licenses

Use the Server License page to update SecureTransport licenses. You usually install licenses when you perform initial SecureTransport setup and configuration after installation. Update licenses whenever required, for example, when you receive your permanent license for SecureTransport after an evaluation period.

SecureTransport requires two licenses. The core server license specifies the number of accounts allowed and the number of ad hoc users allowed. The core license can limit the license to a specified host and to a specified date range. The features license specifies if the AS2, SSH, and Connect:Direct protocols are allowed, if SiteMinder integration is allowed, if the Enterprise Cluster (EC) option is included, and the number of cluster nodes allowed.

The FTP and HTTP protocols are included in the core license. For other features, contact your local account executive or supplier.

The following topics describe the account session count and ad hoc licenses and provide how-to instructions for updating the SecureTransport licenses:

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