Configure miscellaneous settings

Use the Miscellaneous Configuration page to specify the administrator’s e-mail address, set usage monitor options, enable or disable reverse DNS lookups, set the session timeout limits, select a default HTML template, limit FTP login failures, set FTP and HTTP server startup password timeout configuration and suspension options, and define password policy.

The following topics describe and provide how-to instructions for managing the miscellaneous configuration setup options:

  • Miscellaneous options - Describes how to configure the miscellaneous setup options and provides how-to instructions for the miscellaneous setup options.
  • SMTP configuration - Provides how-to instructions for configuring SMTP.
  • FTP and HTTP server suspend options - Provides the how-to instructions for configuring FTP and HTTP server suspension options.
  • Password policy - Describes the password policy and provides how-to instructions for configuring the password policy.

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