This topic describes the different types of certificates used in SecureTransport and how to import, export, and generate certificates and certificate signing requests.

SecureTransport uses digital certificates for many security functions. These certificates can either be signed by a self-signed Internal Certificate Authority (CA), that is, issued by the SecureTransport Server; signed by an imported internal CA; or signed by a third party, such as an external company like Verisign or a corporate CA. During the installation process, SecureTransport installs a default self-signed CA (valid for one month) that you should replace during the initial setup procedures. For details about initial setup procedures for certificates, refer to the SecureTransport Getting Started Guide. You can also import an external CA to serve as the SecureTransport internal CA so that certificates signed by SecureTransport are trusted by clients that trust that CA.

The following topics describe the certificate types and provide how-to instructions for managing certificates.

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