Integrate Axway Sentinel

Axway Sentinel is a Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) product that collects, aggregates, correlates, and reports events from SecureTransport and other products, applications, and systems throughout your infrastructure. Sentinel is a separate product that you can buy from Axway or an authorized partner. Once you license and configure SecureTransport to send file transfer and processing events to Sentinel, data is collected and displayed on a dashboard.

For the Sentinel versions that SecureTransport 5.4 can send events to, see Axway and third-party software support.

Note When a SecureTransport Enterprise Cluster (EC) is configured to direct PGP encryption and decryption tasks to one server, Sentinel reporting for a transfer with a PGP task is not accurate because Sentinel cannot combine the processes of the transfer.

The following topics provide additional for the SecureTransport Axway Sentinel integration:

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