SSO filter mapping

An Identity Provider can return attributes attached to the authenticated user. A mapping using this attributes may be executed by the SSO agent before they are transmitted to the application.

Two kinds of mapping are supported: Rename mapping and Filter mapping.

Rename mapping

With this mapping, you can rename an attribute from the Identity Provider, keeping its value.

Filter mapping

This mapping creates output attributes when a filter matches the input attributes from the Identity Provider.

Note Currently, the output attribute value is fixed. It cannot take the value from an input attribute.

Filter syntax

Only a subset of the full syntax is supported as described below. A filter consists of one or more criteria. If more than one criterion exist in one filter definition, they can be concatenated by logical operators.


The criteria have to be put in parentheses. A criteria can only be an equality.




The logical operators are always placed in front of the criteria. The whole term have to be put in parentheses.

AND Operator

(&(criteria1)(criteria2)) means: criteria1 AND criteria2

With more than two criteria: (&(criteria1)(criteria2)(criteria3)(criteria n)

OR Operator

(|(criteria1)(criteria2)) means: criteria1 OR criteria2

With more than two criteria: (|(criteria1)(criteria2)(criteria3)(criteria n))

NOT Operator

(!(criteria1) means NOT criteria1

Nested Operators

(&(|(criteria1) (criteria2))(|(criteria3) (criteria4))) means : (criteria1 OR criteria2) AND ( criteria3 OR criteria4)


Rename the user attribute to username:

    <RenameMapping source="user" target="username"/>

Add two attributes when the name attribute from the Identity Provider is set to Bob:

        <OutputAttribute name="role">SPRole</OutputAttribute>
        <OutputAttribute name="user">Bob</OutputAttribute>

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