Administration Tool features checklist

Most Administration Tool features are present in Axway SecureTransport Server, but not all of those are available in the Administration Tool for SecureTransport Edge. The following table lists all available features within the Administration Tool for both SecureTransport Edge and SecureTransport Server.

Administration Tool features SecureTransport Edge SecureTransport Server
Operations Menu

  Server Control
  Cluster Management
  Server Usage Monitor
  File Tracking
  Server Log
  Audit Log
  Server Configuration
  Support Tool
Setup Menu

  FTP Settings
  AS2 Settings
  SSH Settings
  Admin Settings
  PeSIT Settings
  AdHoc Settings
  Database Settings
  Central Governance
  Axway Sentinel/DI
  Server License
  Allowed ST Servers
  Command Logging
  Transfer Logging
  Holiday Schedule
  Mail Templates
  ICAP Settings
  TM Settings
  File Archiving
  Network Zones
  Address Books

(If enabled on the Server Configuration page.)

Authentication Menu

  Login Settings
  LDAP Domains
  SiteMinder Settings
  User Type Ranges
(UNIX-based servers only)
  Home Folders
Accounts Menu

  User Accounts
  Unlicensed Accounts
  Service Accounts
  Change Password
  Manage Roles
  Account Templates
  Business Units
  Active Users
Access Menu

  User Classes
  Secure Socket Layer
  Virtual Groups

  FTP Commands
  Admin Access Control
  Server Access Control
  Access Rules
  Login Restrictions


  Route Packages

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