Directory browsing

By setting up a directory structure, you can access system drives and network mounts on Windows.

Set up the structure for directory browsing

Use the following procedure to set up the structure for directory browsing.

  1. Enable browsing for system drives.
  2. For system drives, create a directory under<FILEDRIVEHOME>\..\cygwin\drives with the drive letter as a name, and give permission to everyone. For example, to enable browsing of the C drive, create the following folder:
  3. <FILEDRIVEHOME>\..\cygwin\drives\c
  4. Enable browsing for network shares.
  5. For network shares \\<hostname>\<sharename>, create a directory structure like the following:
  6. <FILEDRIVEHOME>\..\cygwin\net\<hostname>\<sharename>
  7. and give permission to everyone for this directory. <hostname> and <sharename> are both required.
  8. For example, to enable browsing of network share with path:
  9. \\myhost\my-shared-folder
  10. create the following folder:
  11. <FILEDRIVEHOME>\..\cygwin\net\myhost\my-shared-folder
Note System drives in the user’s home folder are enabled for browsing by default.

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