Server backup

To minimize the risk of data loss, perform regular backups of the SecureTransport Server and SecureTransport Edge data.

When performing a server backup, you must back up the following files and directories in <FILEDRIVEHOME>:

  • conf/
  • lib/certs/
  • brules/conf/brules.xml
  • brules/local/
  • bin/agents/
  • var/db/mysql/ (for servers using the embedded database)

Include the following files if changes have been made after the initial installation of SecureTransport:

  • lib/msgs/
  • share/ftdocs/

Include the user account home folders.

Add the following files to keep existing log files, statistics, and MDN receipts:

  • var/logs/
  • var/db/hist/logs/
  • var/db/stats/

For SecureTransport Server with an external database, back up the database using standard Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server procedures.

For SecureTransport Server with an embedded database or SecureTransport Edge, use <FILEDRIVEHOME>/bin/backup_db to back up the database tables. The backup_db Backup_File command writes the backup data to the file named. You must enter the database password. You can use the -skiplog option to prevent the TransactionStatus or TransactionData tables from being included. To restore the data, use the following command:

<FILEDRIVEHOME>/mysql/bin/mysql -u root -p < Backup_File

For additional information about export and importing server configuration parameters and files for backup and restore, see Server configuration.

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