Extended Server Control

Starting with SecureTransport 5.4 Patch 7, a separate management view of the Server Control page is introduced. On top of a minor revamp of the regular Server Control page layout, the extended view provides controls to add more (listeners to) protocol servers, namely FTP, SSH, HTTP, AS2, and PeSIT.

Extended server control is available for both SecureTransport Server and SecureTransport Edge.

Note Visibility of extended view of the Server Control page is controlled by a server configuration option: ServerControl.ExtendedUI.Enabled. By default, it is set to false and you must set it to true in order to enable the server control extended view.

The extended view provides the following extended options:

  • Refresh the page
  • perform Actions to all servers:
  • perform Actions per daemon: this drop-down list allows you to:
    • start and stop protocol servers
    • add one or more protocol servers
    • gracefully shut down all protocol servers (see Graceful shutdown )
  • the "gear" iconallows you to edit the configuration parameters of the corresponding server
  • the "play" icon( when server stopped) interchanges with the "stop" icon ( when server running); these controls apply the corresponding action to the selected server only

You also have the options to start and stop the following SecureTransport-specific services:

  • Monitor server
  • Proxy Server – only available on SecureTransport Edge. For more information see Manage the Proxy server on SecureTransport Edge.
  • Folder Monitor – only available on SecureTransport Server. Note that the Folder Monitor functionality is dependent on the value of the FolderMonitor.enable Server Configuration option.
  • Scheduler – only available on SecureTransport Server. Note that the Scheduler functionality is dependent on the value of Scheduler.enable Server Configuration option.
  • Transaction Manager server – you can perform the following Actions:
Scheduler.enable and FolderMonitor.enable do not start or stop the respective cluster services; these Server Configuration options only enable or disable the service. When Transaction Manager is running and Folder Monitor/Scheduler is disabled from the Server Configuration (the respective configuration parameter is set to false), the service runs in the background but does not do any job (schedule events or pull files). Folder Monitor/Scheduler is running and functional only when the Transaction Manager is started and Folder Monitor/Scheduler is started and enabled from the Server Configuration.

The following topics provide more detail on adding and editing protocol servers:


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