Operations menu overview

When you log in to the SecureTransport Administration Tool, the Operations tab is displayed. The Operations tab contains the following pages:

  • Server Control – Used to manage your FTP, HTTP, AS2, SSH, PeSIT, Transaction Manager (TM), and Monitor servers. For details, see Server control.
  • Cluster Management – Used to view and maintain SecureTransport Servers in cluster. For details, see Standard Cluster and Enterprise Cluster.
  • Server Usage Monitor – Used to monitor by user class the FTP, SSH and HTTP, as well as the protocol bandwidth consumed. For details, see Server usage monitor.
  • File Tracking – Displays a log of the status and attributes of each file transfer. Also, used to display detailed information about a transfer and to cancel or resubmit a transfer. SecureTransport Server only. For details, see Track file transfer activity.
  • Server Log – Used to view, search, and filter the logs from the SecureTransport Server. For details, see Server log.
  • Audit Log – Used to view, compare, and export log entries that SecureTransport records when any change is made to the SecureTransport configuration. For details, see Audit log.
  • Server Configuration – Used to view, change, export, and import server configuration settings. For details, see Server configuration.
  • Support Tool – Used to collect information about SecureTransport and its host operating system and save it in a support information file that you can send to Axway Global Support. For details, see Support tool.

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