What information is synchronized

SecureTransport Edge synchronization moves configuration data from the primary SecureTransport Edge server to all the SecureTransport Edge secondary servers only. SecureTransport does not support moving data from secondary servers to the primary server or from the primary server to selected secondary servers.

The following information is synchronized dynamically from the primary SecureTransport Edge server to the secondary SecureTransport Edge servers when you change it on the primary server:

  • All server configuration parameters that are not local to the server

The following information is also synchronized during manual synchronization:

  • All configuration files listed in the <FILEDRIVEHOME>/conf/sync.conf file
  • All database tables listed in the <FILEDRIVEHOME>/conf/sync_tables.conf file

The files listed in <FILEDRIVEHOME>/conf/sync.excl are not copied from the primary to the secondary server.

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