Requirements for synchronization

Cluster synchronization requires the following:

  • The <FILEDRIVEHOME>/lib/admin/config/servers configuration file is correct and identical on all SecureTransport Edge servers.
  • The <FILEDRIVEHOME>/var/tmp/sentinel_primary file exists on the primary SecureTransport Edge only.
  • A shared common secret file (named taeh file) is used on all servers.
  • Each server is hosted on a different computer or VM.
  • All servers use the same installation path.
  • All the servers are on the same LAN.
    • The primary administrator user ID is the same on all servers and all have the same password.
  • The clocks are set to the same time on all servers.
  • The internal CAs on all servers is trusted by all other servers. Optionally, you can import the same internal CA on all servers.
  • All database settings are identical on all the computers that will be synchronized.
  • Only files used for server configuration are configured for synchronization.
  • All the server certificates are issued by a common CA.

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