Create a Shared Folder application

The Shared Folder application provides shared data storage between accounts.

You must enable the SharedFolder rules package in the Transaction Manager before you can use a Shared Folder application. For more information, see Manage rules packages.

All users of a shared folder must be either repository encryption users or not repository encryption users.

  1. Select Application and click Add New.
  2. The New Application page is displayed.
  3. Select Shared Folder from the mandatory Application Type list.
  4. New Application - Shared Folder
  5. Enter a unique Application Name. You cannot enter spaces-only values in this field. For more information, see Spaces in required fields.
  6. Note The application name cannot include any forward slash (/) characters.
  7. (Optional) Use the Assign and Remove buttons to assign business units for the application. The Business Unit List contains the names of business units you have created. For details, see Business units.
  8. (Optional) Enter an application Description.
  9. In the Folder field, type the full path of the folder that you want to share for the accounts that subscribe to the new application.
  10. You cannot use the following characters in the folder path or name: * < > ? " / \ | :
  11. Note Under Windows, you use Windows-style paths when you specify a shared folder. Denote drives as C:\ and D:\.
  12. Click Create Application.

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