Advanced Routing delegated administrator

The configuration of a delegated administrator for Advanced Routing requires creating an Advanced Routing administrator role and creating an Advanced Routing administrator with the specified administrator settings. The following topics provide the configuration details for creating the role of Advanced Routing administrator and assigning the role to the Advanced Routing administrator.

The following topics provide how-to instructions for creating an Advanced Routing administrator role and creating an Advanced Routing administrator:

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Create Advanced Routing administrator role

For details on creating administrative roles, refer to Administrative roles. The Advanced Routing administrator role should be created with the same settings as a delegated administrator plus the selection of Route Packages as shown in the following table and figure.

Function Selections
Role Name: Advanced Routing Administrator
Role Type: Limited
Bounce: Prohibited
Accessible Menus
Operations No selections
Setup Mail Templates
LDAP No selections
Accounts User Accounts, Unlicensed Users, Service Accounts, Import/Export, Administrators, Change Password, Account Templates, Site Templates, System. Business Units
Access No selections
Application Application
Routes Route Packages

Administative Rolls - Create and maintain administrative roles.

Create Advanced Routing administrator

For details on creating administrators, refer to Manage administrator accounts. An Advanced Routing administrator should be created with settings as shown in the following table and figure.

Note At least one business unit must be assigned to the Advanced Routing administrator.
Function Selections
Administrator Name: User determined
Password: User determined
Confirm Password: Must match password entry
Administrative Role: Advanced Routing Administrator
Parent Administrator: /admin
Assigned Business Units User determined - At least one Business Unit should be assigned
Advanced Routing
Administrator Selections
Update Users, Business Units, Applications, Route Package Templates, 'External Script' Step
Note Manage Route Package Templates and Manage 'External Script' Step must be selected.

Administrators - Create and maintain administrator accounts.

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