Site templates

You can create a site template for a Connect:Direct or a file services interface transfer site. You can use a Site templates to provide the information needed for many accounts in one place instead of creating a transfer site for each account. When you associate a transfer site with the template, that transfer site gets its properties from the site template. When you change the site template, the associated sites are changed.

You can associate the same template with multiple transfer sites in different accounts. If your account has more than one Connect:Direct or file services interface transfer site, you can reuse the same site template for each transfer site, or set up different site templates for each transfer site.

Site template properties are the same as those of a transfer site for the same protocol.

Note Support for the NDM protocol through a Connect:Direct transfer site does not replace or append your Connect:Direct license.

The following topics describe how to manage site templates and how to use a site template to define a transfer site:

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