Duplicate an account

You can use an already created account as a template to create additional accounts with the same settings. Some information in each account must be unique to that account such as the name and the home folder. Items that must be unique have an asterisk by the field name.

Note A login certificate must be unique to a user and cannot be used on multiple accounts.

When you select Duplicate Account you are guided through the different pages where you can alter the user information, the transfer site and subscription details.

  1. Open the user or service account you want to use as a template. On the Settings tab, click Duplicate Account.
  2. A New Service Account or New User Account page is displayed with a Next button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Change the account name, home folder and any other user information you want to modify, such as the password. Click Next to continue
  4. If the account you are using as a template has a transfer site set up, the Add Transfer Site page is displayed.
  5. Add a new transfer site, modify the existing settings, or click Next to continue without making any changes.
  6. If you did not add a transfer site, the Subscriptions page is displayed. Continue with step 5.
  7. If you added a transfer site, the Transfer Profiles page is displayed.
  8. Add a new transfer profile, modify the existing settings, or click Next to continue without making any changes.
  9. The Subscriptions page is displayed.
  10. Note If you are duplicating a service account using a Standard Router application, only the transfer site and the certificates are copied to the new account.

  11. Modify the subscription settings and click Next to continue.
  12. The new account is saved to the server and displayed on the Settings tab of the user account. The new account is disabled. Routes assigned to the duplicated account are also copied to the new account. If subscriptions are changed during duplication and they had routes assigned, the copied routes are assigned to respective changed subscriptions.
Note You will not be able to change the value in the Route drop-down menu while duplicating an account. You can the Route value afterwards via the Subscriptions tab in the newly created user account.

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