User certificates

SecureTransport supports the following types of certificates for use across the system:

  • PGP and X509 certificates.
  • Partner certificates – These certificates are managed on a "per account" basis from the Accounts menu in the Administration Tool. They are generated, imported, exported, and deleted for the respective account. They fall into the following three types:
    • Login – They do not have a private key and are used for logging to SecureTransport Servers. Their private key is exported during the generation of the certificate.
    • Partner – They only have a public key and are used for encrypting PGP and AS2 data to an account and verifying the signature of data from the account.
    • Private – They have a private key and are used for decryption and signing of PGP and AS2 data.
  • Server certificates apply to all of the SecureTransport Server and fall into the following three types:
    • Local – Contains a private key and is used by SecureTransport Servers.
    • Trusted CA – Used for verification of remote certificates when creating secure connections.
    • Internal CA – a Server Certificate Authority.

The following topic describes how to manage user certificates:

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